Can You Take Piano Lessons In Singapore As An Adult?

Some adults in Singapore want to learn to play the piano and take piano lessons in Singapore, however, they are worried whether they are still able to pick up the piano skills as some people have mistakenly told them that it is something that should and can only be learnt properly if starting from young.

The answer from a pianist is that, yes! You can definitely learn the piano as an adult. In fact, although there are some disadvantages being that you may have less free time to practise the piano due to stuff such as taking care of your kids and your work, there are also advantages to learning the piano when you are already an adult.

An advantage as an adult learner of the piano is that you are able to learn whatever you want to learn. Most children pianists only follow the course syllabus which is whatever their parents ask the piano teacher to teach them. However, as an adult, you can ask the piano teacher to teach you exactly what you want to learn – be it ABRSM exam pieces or popular songs!

Also, here are some misconceptions that some people have. For instance, you may feel demotivated if you are age 40, and have been learning the music instrument for 1.5 years now, and you see a 12 year old kid playing much better than you. However, it is highly probable that the 12 year old has been learning the piano since he was 5 years old! This means that he has 7 years of playing experience versus yours of just 5. When it comes to piano playing prowess, it is the years of experience that matters, not young age or old age.

As you can see, it is definitely not a problem to learn the piano as an adult – the only thing you need? The money to buy the piano (or you could go to the teacher’s house) and for the lesson fees!

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