Choosing A Piano Teacher In Singapore – What You Must Know

Choosing a piano teacher is a big step, and one that you should do carefully. When it comes to picking a piano teacher in Singapore, here are some things that you must take note of.

First of all, do you intend to look for a piano teacher for the purpose of helping the student passing the ABRSM examinations (which is what a lot of parents want their children to do), or are you looking for a music teacher who can teach you pop songs at your own pace? This matters a lot, as systems are important when it comes to taking piano lessons for the purpose of passing the ABRSM graded examinations. However, you can take your own leisurely pace when it comes to learning pop songs. If ABRSM exams are your main goal (or for your child), then it is important to make that known to the private piano teacher agency. If learning to play pop songs for fun on the piano is your own and ultimate objective, then let the agency know as well so they can better match you up.

Next of all, there are some piano students who want to take their time to pass the ABRSM examinations, while others want (themselves or their children) to reach grade 8 fast. All these matter, and should be made known to the piano teacher on day 1 so that he or she will know how to customize the lessons so that it is optimal for the student.

Also, if you are an adult, make sure to tell the agency that prior to your first meeting with the private piano teacher. This is important. If you are looking for piano lessons for children instead, then make sure to get that information to the agency as well. This is because not all piano teachers are able to teach kids or adults as well as the other demographic.

Although it shouldn’t be a big deal at all, make sure to check with your child (if you are getting him or her a piano teacher instead of for yourself) if he or she learns better from a male or female teacher. Some students are particular, so make sure to ask your own child. You may be surprised by the answer!

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