How To Avoid Bad Piano Teachers In Singapore – 3 Tips

Choosing a piano teacher need not be a tough and frightening experience. You may have heard horror stories about car salesman, as well as piano teachers. Thankfully, most piano teachers are more decent. However, there are definitely bad piano teachers in Singapore, so you still need to exercise due caution. Here are some big tips to help you ensure that your child gets the best music teacher that money can buy.

First of all, I strongly recommend that you pick your teacher from a music or piano agency. This is because agencies have a database of teachers, and would usually have feedback from past clients about the various teachers they are working with. This means that they are most likely able to get unsolicited, genuine reviews about the teachers. The agencies would then usually remove the bad teachers, because they can always recommend the good ones or bring in new ones instead. However, if you are engaging an individual piano teacher – think about it, would he or she ever say he or she is bad and recommend you another teacher if you asked him or her about it? No! Therefore, picking from a piano teacher agency in Singapore is definitely less biased than if you had picked an individual teacher by yourself.

Second of all, always try to ask for or pick a teacher who lives close to you. Even if the teacher travels to your house, it is definitely more recommended to ask the agency for a teacher who stays nearer to your place of residence where your child will learn his or her lessons. This is because of human nature. If your child’s teacher stayed very far from your location, he or she may be less motivated to keep going to your place, and may not be too happy about changing of meeting timings, as it is already troublesome for him or her to travel to your location. Additionally, some teachers charge extra if your place of residence is very far from his or hers. No point going through all these hassles when you can find an equally good teacher nearer to your preferred location. He or she will also be more motivated to teach your child!

Third of all, always verify everything the teacher says. No matter what the agency says, and no matter what the teacher says, always ask to see the teacher’s proof of his or her ABRSM or Trinity College exam results. You do not want to end up with a teacher who lied about his or her piano proficiency levels. Although it is exceedingly rare that a teacher will lie about such things, it is still important to err on the safe side and ask for it.

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