3 Hidden Benefits Piano Lessons Can Bring Your Child

If you are a concerned and kiasu parent in Singapore – good news! Here are three hidden benefits that taking piano lessons can bring your child over your neighbor’s children.

First of all, by taking piano lessons, your child will be able to improve his or her IQ. This effect is more pronounced the younger your child starts taking music lessons. This is found to be the case in many researches which shows very high correlation between IQ and kids who take piano lessons since a young age. Especially in Singapore, where academia is seemingly so important, and general IQ is also extremely important, sending your child to take music lessons would seem like a total no brainer. He or she will be able to breeze throughout school and not cause you nor himself or herself stress.

Second of all, learning to play the piano will also improve hand eye coordination. While typing on a computer will also improve hand eye coordination, and playing sports will help improve too, there is nothing quite like playing the piano. This is because when it comes to e.g. basketball, all your child has to do is to look at the hoop and throw the ball. However, playing the piano can be very complicated – not at the hands, but at interpreting the scores. There are many notes your child must press on at the same time, with different hand positions for both the left and right hands, and he or she must also interpret the sharps and flats on the piano score accurately.

Third of all, learning to play the piano will teach your child perseverance. Mastering a difficult piano song is not easy, and patience is important. However, one also needs a sense of urgency when it comes to learning the piano, otherwise difficult songs will never be mastered even after many months. Therefore, your child will learn to have a sense of urgency mixed with patience, and learn a lot about perseverance when taking piano lessons, especially at the advanced levels where songs can be really difficult to master.

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