Becoming A Piano Teacher In Singapore – 5 Tips To Survive

Here are some tips for you to survive and thrive as a self employed person in Singapore as a private piano teacher.

  1. Matching up with a piano teacher agency – you want to match up and register with piano teacher agencies. These agencies will be able to get you many students if you have good timing availability and are willing to travel once in a while. Getting your career kick started as a private music teacher is easy when you connect with a good agency. The initial part of your career as a self employed is the hardest because you do not already have a customer base in which you can leverage for growth and referrals. Therefore, you need all the help you can have in the beginning and in future.
  2. Having different curriculum for students who prefer flexible learning and for students who want rigid learning – There are students who want a flexible style of learning, and casual style of learning. There are also students who want a regimental style. You can either specialize in one type of teaching style, or cater to both. I recommend you cater to both if you can teach in both ways equally well, so that you can get the best of both worlds and get the most number of students.
  3. Having a home studio ready in case there are students who prefer to go to their private piano teacher’s house for piano lessons instead. This is a good idea. In fact, as long as you have a piano at your home, you may allow certain students to go to your house to take the lessons. This is ideal if you also want to get students who do not already have a piano at their home, or prefer more privacy and want to go to your house instead of you going to theirs.
  4. Actively asking for referrals from successful students – this is a business strategy used by many self employed people such as insurance and real estate agents in Singapore. This works very well if you ask referrals from happy and satisfied students. You don’t want to ask for recommendations for referrals from every single student you have. As you get more and more students, you will quickly realize some students are extremely happy with your teaching, and are great customers. You want to ask referrals from students who are like that.
  5. Advancing to Diploma stage sometime in the future, if not yet already – this is important if you want to truly separate yourself from the pack. This is because every other piano teacher in Singapore has Grade 8 ABRSM qualifications. This means that you have no real way to show your technical expertise is better than these other teachers other than blind claiming. However, with a Diploma cert, you will truly be a level above others, and also be able to teach those who are wanting to learn grade 8 ABRSM proficiency level with ease and they will also have more confidence in you as a teacher. Additionally, you may also be able to charge more as a Diploma qualified private piano teacher in Singapore and command a higher rate.

I hope the above tips will help you out in your journey to becoming a thriving private piano teacher in Singapore!

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