How Did I Manage To Become A Singapore Permanent Resident?

Some people have been messaging me wondering how I got my Singapore permanent residency application approved and SG PR status granted. This is because some of them want to work in Singapore as well as a piano teacher, and to do that as a self employed person, you typically need to be a permanent resident of SG. If you are working for some music school, then you need either an S pass or an E pass.

My story of becoming a Singapore PR

I migrated to Singapore after getting my music degree back in around 2006. If you are aware of the news relating to citizenship related things, things were quite different back in the days before 2008 to 2009. This is because the local immigration government authorities known as ICA in Singapore had an open door policy. As long as you were able to demonstrate that you lived in the country for a while, as well as having good educational and working background, you essentially got your PR status granted relatively easily and quickly as well.

Back in the days, I was really busy juggling my full time job and taking care of my family, so I just outsourced the entire permanent residency application to a local company in Singapore – sorry guys, I forgot the name of it…

In a way, I got really lucky, because I got in before the quota for number of new permanent residents in Singapore started to drop. I know of people who had similar qualifications as me in the past, but they were unable to get their PR status granted. I know of many such similar stories nowadays in SG.

If you want to be a permanent resident in Singapore today, here is what I recommend now

First of all, you definitely want to get all of your immigration documents in order and prepare soft and hard copies of it. Prepare this far in advance so that you will definitely have all of the required documents when the time is ready for you to apply. Chances are many of you will miss out certain immigration related documents which will be required for application. Therefore, go through what is required and prepare and make sure you are fully eligible first.

Second of all, be prepared mentally for the time needed for your approval to be granted. Therefore, do not do or keep anything pending in your personal or work life which is dependent on the approval of your PR status, as there is no guarantee as to it being approved, as well as how long it will potentially take ICA if it is to be approved. So many applicants do not prepare for this, and end up messing up stuff in their personal or career. Do not let this happen to you unnecessarily.

Third of all, if you are a busy person, considering applying for your Singapore PR through a local immigration agency. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your PR application is to not have the time to do it, and then just rush through it. Perhaps you could in the past before 2008 and 2009, because the ICA authorities are way more lenient back then. However, with sharply reduced quotas for new residents, this is not possible anymore!

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