Migrating To Singapore – What About Your Parents?

Ever since my previous post on how I became a Singapore permanent resident, there were readers who have been asking me what about my parents? Well, in this post, I will share why that is not a concern, especially after you have already become a Singapore PR!

If you are a Singapore PR, it is very easy for you to apply for a long term visit pass for parents or for your spouse and kids. If you want to bring in your elderly parents, then you will need to have an income proof of a minimal of $12,000 per month in Singapore dollars and your employer or appointed employment agent must be the one to apply on behalf of you. You just need $6,000 per month if you want to bring in your spouse and kids, though if you are legally married and the children are born from a natural marriage, then you can apply for them using a Dependent’s Pass instead. The salary requirement is the same.

A long time visit pass, also known as LTVP in Singapore, is a VISA pass for mainly the immediate relatives of people who are permanent residents or citizens in Singapore, but whom themselves are not one or yet to be one.

The Singapore government, just like most others around the world, understands that if you are a permanent resident here, then what will keep you here is good stable work for you as well as having your immediate family here. After all, those are the people whom you are probably most concerned about! Therefore, they give incentives to foreigners to bring their family to Singapore easily.

So what exactly is a long term visit pass?

It is a VISA which allows one to live in Singapore indefinitely for up to two years at a time, but it is easily renewable. Because it is not dependent on foreign worker levy or other criteria like that, many people, as long as they are the spouse, kids or parents of a Singapore PR – or in fact even Employment pass or S pass holders will be able to get it. Of course, if you are a Singapore PR, you should get priority over the other work passes.

In fact, LTVP passes allow the holders to work in Singapore normally if they are able to find jobs here too. The biggest difference between a LTVP and a Employment pass holder, S pass holder or Singapore permanent resident is that they are essentially tied to the main applicant.

So if you are intending to be a SPR, taking care of your parents will not be an issue as long as you make more than $12,000 per month!

If you are not sure how to do all these processing for PR application, then it may be a better idea to approach a professional immigration agency in Singapore instead.

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